What is Opportunity Maine?

A grassroots coalition that helped establish the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit, a college affordability program for individuals who have earned a college degree in Maine and continue to live and work in the state. This program may provide significant tax benefits to Maine residents paying back eligible student loans.

The Program

The Educational Opportunity Tax Credit (EOTC) can provide substantial tax savings for eligible Maine residents. If you graduated from a Maine college, and live and work in the state, then you may be eligible for tax credits based upon the amount of student loan payments that you have made during the year.

How to Claim the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit

Participation in the program is simple. All you have to do to take advantage of the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit (EOTC) is to complete and submit the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit Worksheet when you file your Maine income tax return. This tax credit worksheet can be found here.

You can use either the tax credit worksheet or the tax credit estimator to estimate your “benchmark loan payment.” This will in turn determine the maximum tax credit you can claim.
The “benchmark loan payment” for your eligible tax credit is determined by your college, based upon a formula. If you completed an Opportunity Maine Contract with your school when you attended, you should refer to this document as it should list the amount of your “benchmark loan payment.” If you did not complete an Opportunity Maine Contract or cannot locate it, you will need to contact your college’s financial aid office so they can determine what the benchmark loan payment amount was for their institution for your year of graduation. The Benchmark Loan Payment Request Form can be completed and submitted to your school to solicit this information.
 Amount of the Credit
Credit Calculator
Eligible Education Loan Payments
Employer Credit

Employers may claim a credit for the amount of eligible education loan payments made on behalf of an employee, as long as the employee meets the eligibility criteria stated above. This can be done using the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit Worksheet for Employers.

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